Muay Thai

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Martial Art Muay Thai

Muay Thai - ancient martial art, where knees, elbows, shins and hands are uses extensively. Strokes are extremely dangerous and severely damages opponents.

Muay Thai was first mentioned in 16th century Siamese kingdom (now Thailand) annals. The country's warriors used Muay Thai to defend the country against external enemies.

Muay Thai basics are quick and easy to master. For this reason and the effectiveness of the martial art itself, Muay Thai is heavily used in preparing Special Forces soldiers, regular army soldiers, security personnel, police officers, and general self-defense courses. Tournaments without rules is also dominated by Muay Thai fighters and it's techniques.

Muay Thai is usually known as Thai boxing. To many who tried this martial art, it becomes not just a sport but a way of life.

Muay Thai training will help:

  • Gain basics of self-defense;
  • Improve punching techniques;
  • Improve physical form and spirit;
  • To develop a fighter's character;
  • Improve the quality of Your life.
Muay Thai

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